Nespresso – Limited Edition Selection Vintage 2014

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February 3, 2017 by Beans Ahoy

Creating a vintage is not a new concept for coffee. I remember years ago visiting 49th Parallel Coffee in Vancouver who were experimenting with aged coffee. The idea is certainly new for Nespresso though and not without controversy. Where products like wine certainly benefit from age, it is less clear for coffee. Personally, I believe that aging coffee works. I think it softens harsh organic compounds which change the flavour of coffee…occasionally for the better.

As for Nespresso’s attempt? I quite like it. Despite it being quite a heavy roast (they say it’s 7 on their rating table of 10) it is softer with a more rounded flavour. There is a stronger taste of walnuts and pecans. There is only a slight salty bitterness on the finish but it is certainly not unpleasant. I find that it makes an excellent base for a cappuccino or flat white particularly where you are using a sweeter whole milk. It’s difficult to identify any one particular bean or region from Colombia where this coffee comes from but the overall effect is nice.

Is it worth it? Yes, I would say. It’s different and certainly worth a taste.


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