Chancery Coffee – Chancery Lane, London


July 28, 2015 by Beans Ahoy

I have mentioned Chancery Coffee before for their superb flat white but I thought I would carry out a more thorough review at some point. That point is now.

Chancery Coffee is a strange little place situated in the heart of London’s legal district. Surrounded by the Royal Courts of Justice so the South, the High Courts at Rolls Building to the East, Lincoln’s Inn to the West and Gray’s Inn to the North it’s perfectly placed to serve the constant caffeine needs of barristers worked all hours of the day.

Lets start with what Chancery Coffee isn’t. It is not a lush coffee shop where you can wind away the hours in the comfort of an old arm chair. No. Quite the opposite. There is bare brick, pipes hanging from the ceiling, upright uncomfortable bench seats and rickety little tin tables.

Now lets look at what Chancery Coffee is. It’s everything else. What do I mean by this? It’s well staffed, well run, knowledgeable, friendly and above all some of the best coffee you will taste in London. They roast their own coffee and it periodically changes through the year. The flat whites are beautiful and perfectly sized, the espresso is balanced, smooth with just the right amount of grip on the tongue, the filter coffee is lovely.

Really there is lots I can say about Chancery Coffee, but it’s really best if you just go there. Now! By order of the coffee gods.


One thought on “Chancery Coffee – Chancery Lane, London

  1. The BEAR says:

    Notes is pretty good for Flat Whites as well.

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