Nespresso Limited Edition Peru Secreto

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July 9, 2015 by Beans Ahoy

After a long absence from Beans Ahoy I am back! I am sure there will be some companies who wished I had stayed away but alas I must return and provide my verdict on one coffee in particular.

This coffee is of course the Nespresso Peru Secreto which they say is a limited edition. I must confess I agree it’s limited. Limited in flavour, complexity and aroma. On the plus side it’s like drinking a young Bordeaux red with plenty of grip on the sides of the tongue.

The coffee itself I find lacks depth. To try and make up for this it seems that they have roasted the bean a bit too heavily to try and infuse some body. The finish is…not very pleasant. The taste of campfire lingers in your mouth like the presence of an unwelcome relative at Christmas.

Is it good? Ya, it’s OK. Is it a ‘Limited Edition’? Couldn’t possibly see why it would be. There are plenty of other coffees in the general Nespresso range that taste similar. Please bring back some proper Limited Editions Nespresso.


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