Cafe Rosso, Calgary – A Review

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October 17, 2014 by Beans Ahoy

Another Report from Coffee Bear traveling like Paddington Bear.

Next on the Calgary coffee trail came Cafe Rosso. Situated at 140, 8th Ave., S.E. Calgary the shop opened in 2007. With the pleasantries and complimentary plugging out the way we can jump into what Café Rosso really is. Lurking behind a bright red porthole door straight out of 1960’s Americana is a superb roastery and coffee shop; a Probat roaster looming large behind the counter.

“Hmmm” I thought to myself, my nose pricked with the scent of freshly roasted coffee.

“We might just be in luck”

First down the hatch was a single shot espresso. An earthy aroma and unmistakable taste of raisins, rich honey and a superb single malt. A superb Ethiopian. Not quite as lively as the Yirgacheffe, but definitely a Sidamo for its full mouth and almost invigorating properties.

Next up was a flat white. Although not on the menu the Barista was happy to oblige…now there’s a Barista confident in his ability. Having said that, it was not astounding.

The cappuccino was superb though. Just the right amount of milk meant a superb coffee/milk mix. The foam was superb. Not light and bubbly quickly disintegrating in the cup, but a thick velvety foam that made drinking it very easy.

The Americano…well it’s perhaps not fair that I pass judgment. Coffee Bear does not like Americano’s. Too much water, too little coffee. Like drinking dishwater, if I wanted a weedy drink I would have ordered apple juice. Much prefer a good filter/French press. Dilution of espresso should be a crime against civilized people/bears and banned from all specialty coffee shops.

Cafe Rosso

Cafe Rosso

Cafe Rosso coffee

Cafe Rosso coffee


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