Analog Coffee, Calgary – A review

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October 17, 2014 by Beans Ahoy

A review brought to you by Coffee Bear on his travels.

Located at 17th Ave SW Calgary it’s a coffee shop started by Fratello Coffee Roasters. The shop was packed when I was there. Not being a small creature I clawed my way to the front. Service was slick and it gave me hope when I saw the coffee weighed out before making the cup. Being a bear I ordered most things on the menu…an Americano, a Dry Cappuccino, a Flat White and a single shot espresso using Nicaraguan beans and after the single shot went back for a double.

The Americano was better than most but lacked body and certainly had too much water for the amount of coffee (my complaint of most Americano’s). The Dry Cappuccino was well made, the correct temperature and was light and very enjoyable. The Flat White was a good temperature and well served however it lacked the velvet smoothness needed in an excellent Flat White; it was good but not great with the milk texture letting the cup down badly. (The best Flat Whites don’t actually fill the cup. The ratio of coffee needs to be higher).

Now the espresso! WOW, the single shot was an assault on the taste buds, citrus racing along the outside of the tongue coming to rest at the back of the pallet – this was an excellent Nicaraguan espresso and is surely one of the best I have had in years. The double shot, with its larger amount of coffee and longer extraction, was very earthy in smell, it was more of an assault than a gentle race along the tongue and really too heavy to be enjoyable but the single shot made up for this without a doubt and is certainly a “must try”. Excellent coffee well prepared and served by Riley, the Barista of the day.

Background note on Coffee Bear from Chief Bean:

Bears have very sensitive noses. It is said that they can smell cooking food at up to 10 miles away and the smell of toothpaste through its tube, in a bag, in a tent, under an unsuspecting camper.

Some months ago Coffee Bear got a hint of a coffee smell on the wind. Not knowing what to do I suggested he toddle off to London to fulfil his coffee needs. But no! He lands up disappearing for months. No one had heard from him before he re-emerged in Canada. Indeed he had caught a whiff of coffee over from Canada, had followed his nose back to his spiritual homeland and landed there. We were no doubt relieved that he had been located again.

Story over, but much rejoicing now that he has resurfaced and able to provide reviews for Beans Ahoy.

Analog Coffee 1

Analog Coffee 1

Analog Coffee 2

Analog Coffee 2


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