Notes Coffee – Review

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July 17, 2014 by Beans Ahoy

So second in our line-up of London coffee reviews is Notes. Notes is more laid back than Tuesday’s Prufrock Coffee. Initially I thought that Notes would be a bit of a let down. The decor isn’t that different, it’s very central London coffee shop, but boy was I wrong about the coffee. It was an Ethiopian Sidamo area blend that created my espresso and my goodness was it good. Despite Yirgacheffe being a sub region of Sidamo there was quite a difference between Prufrock’s Yirgacheffe and Notes’ coffee.

Notes’ coffee had far more citrus with the same floral and berry tones but a far more acidic lime taste. The texture also wasn’t as rich as Prufrock’s with a lighter champagne type mouth feel. The after taste was perhaps a little short but there was none of the increasingly characteristic metallic aftertaste.

Really it was a terrific coffee that was made even better by the development of it as it cooled producing a hint of dark chocolate flavour. Really, there is probably very little that separates this coffee from Prufrock’s and is likely going to come down to personal preference, but the lighter citrus taste did it for me, and for this reason Notes scores a hint higher.

Covent Garden
36 Wellington Street WC2E 7BD

Tasting Note

A good Ethiopian with a strong, but not overwhelming, taste of fresh citrus. A few floral and chocolate notes, but defined by its tidy taste and refreshing mouth feel. Aftertaste is a little short but there is no metallic taste at all. A terrific coffee that is very easy to drink. Blending of estates at its best. 8.6/10.0


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