Prufrock Coffee – Review

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July 15, 2014 by Beans Ahoy

Prufrock Espresso

Prufrock Espresso

So there is no way I am cool enough for Prufrock Coffee. I don’t wear sleeveless check, I don’t have an immaculately groomed beard, I don’t ride a single speed bike, I don’t wear thick tortoise shell glasses and I certainly don’t buy my clothes at a vintage store. However, it’s not about utterly irrelevant things such as the latest fashion trend, it’s about the coffee and in this regard I was quite impressed.

Being Square Mile coffee I expected good quality and I wasn’t let down. These guys do produce some excellent coffee and their chief roaster Anette really knows her stuff. There is a lot going on in the cup aroma-wise, it’s busy in there, but not in a bad way. Despite being silly and forgetting to find out which coffee was actually used I would bet a fair bit of my reputation on there being a good proportion of Yirgacheffe in there. It was instantly recognisable with its mellow but rich mouth feel. The taste of cherries with a slight peppery hint. Really quite good. Good, but not outstanding. The coffee blends using African coffee has become quite common in relatively high quality establishments. The blend used at Prufrock, and I am quite certain it’s a blend, is quite similar to that used at Harris + Hoole for much of last year, although the H+H blend arguably had a much drier mouth feel and was quite a bit sharper. I digress!

The reality is that it is very good coffee. The complexity of tastes is a treat and the coffee certainly couldn’t be described as 2 dimensional. What I really like about Prufrock is that they also use the best coffee machines…Simonelli. The result is one of the best consistency espressos available. No questions.

So how does it fair? Well considering Prufrock was the first of several London coffee reviews I am not going to compare it at this point, but I will say that it is worth a visit. Certainly if you work or live within a few minutes walk of Prufrock definitely use it as your local. There is no other high street brand coming close.

23-25 Leather Lane,
London, EC1N 7TE

Tasting Note

Rich, velvety, well made. Plenty of joie de vivre in the cup. It has a light mouth feel that that can be slightly peppery over the tongue. Plenty of dark fruit like cherry and fig. Smoked, balsamic acidity. 8.4/10.0


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