Nespresso Santander

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March 26, 2014 by Beans Ahoy

No, I decided I hadn’t made a mistake and walked into Santander bank instead of Nespresso. For one, I know of no Santander lined in dark wood and limestone. I was in fact reading the new promotional material for Nespresso and what many may not realise is that the name Santader is most closely associated with Colombia. Not only are there historical people named Santader, but it is also a region of Colombia.

Those of you who have had your morning coffee will have connected the dots already and worked out that this coffee is, like the Cauca, Colombian. Specifically, from the Santander region in the North-East of the country on the sides of high mountains shaded from the sun by trees. All sounds very good.

Unfortunately, the finished product doesn’t really hit the spot for me. The coffee is probably quite decent, but there is a big problem with the degree to which the coffees have been blended; the profile is somewhat erratic and difficult to place. The roasting has also let the side down with a focus on extracting a particular profile colour and not on necessarily getting the best out of the bean.

Acidity both in the mouth and after feels quite high, similar to that of the Cauca. Also like the Cauca is a distinct lack of body to the coffee or development of the flavours. Most elements of this coffee can be obtained elsewhere in the range. Whether it is the acidity of the Ristretto or the slightly grainy and peppery aroma of the Dharkan.

For me, whilst these coffees are not totally lost, I just don’t see their need. It would be better if Nespresso used their limited editions to trial new ideas or debut high quality single estate coffees.


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