Nespresso Cauca

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March 25, 2014 by Beans Ahoy

Nespresso seems to come out with another coffee these days like Hollywood comes out with another episode of CSI, not that I am complaining, it gives us coffee geeks lots to try out and I applaud Nespresso for pushing their brand like they do.

So I was not surprised to see another two coffees released when I headed for the boutique today. To get straight to the point though, I am not sure about it. I don’t understand why Nespresso has brought either out. They don’t sit in the Grande Cru’s, but neither do they sit as a special coffee.

The first I cupped was the Cauca. The aroma profile is pleasant, almost like Rosabaya. It is light, floral with a hint of fresh cut wood or the musk you get from wine, but that is where the similarities end. The taste is flat, dull and very two dimensional. I think, from what I can tell, there is two problems. First, the coffee itself is not particularly high quality. Secondly, the roast profile is all wrong leaving the green acidity of the bean to mix with the burnt acridity of the roast.

The bean lacks depth or complexity with the after taste being really quite sharp and slightly unpleasant. It is a pity really because Nespresso say this is a 100% Colombian coffee, a region which has been producing some really quite stunning coffee over the last few years.

Tasting Note:

Pleasant floral aroma with a hint of cut wood and wine. The taste is quite different. Flat with a distinct lack of complexity or developed flavours. Sharp with quite a lot of acidity and a tight after taste. 5.3/10.0


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