Carte Noire – No.5 Espresso Delicat

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February 21, 2014 by Beans Ahoy

Carte Noire No.5 Delicat

Carte Noire No.5 Delicat

Continuing on the trend of Nespresso compatible capsules we have cupped Carte Noire’s No.5 Espresso and despite sounding like a certain perfume I was really rather eager to search out top Nespresso compatible capsules.

Carte Noir has been around for ages and is usually known for its instants and ground espresso coffees, all of which are rather vile creations in my opinion, but are a mainstay of supermarkets.

It is for this reason that the quality of the Carte Noire espresso capsule came as a surprise. Gone is any hint of bitter robusta, instead replaced with a smooth and really rather good arabica espresso. Yes, there was a bit of leakage of water into the cup before the coffee came through, but not as much as Dualit. The capsule is also quite a sturdy plastic creation that comes in the Carte Noir pitch black.

The blend is a little too heavy to be able to place the origin of the coffee but the taste is quite similar to several Kenyan coffees I have recently drunk but is more likely to have come from South and Central America.

Tasting Note:
There is a strong aroma of apple and apple cider. Sweet with a hint of cinnamon and blackcurrant. The taste is light and zesty, fruit cake and lemon with very little bitterness. 6.1/10.0


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