Gourmesso – Lungo Latino Mezzo

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February 5, 2014 by Beans Ahoy

Gourmesso Lungo Latino Mezzo
The first Gourmesso coffee I cupped was the Lungo Latino Mezzo, a combination of South and Central American Arabica’s with a hint of Vietnamese Robusta. My first question is why add robusta? Gourmesso has almost solely blends, but I am not sure why this blend has been created as a superb coffee could have been obtained by simply using a collection of South and Central American Arabica’s. Add robusta, especially Vietnamese, after the fact is a bit like garnishing citrus fruit sorbet with a dollop of Dark Chocolate syrup. It has long been the case that South and Central America are producing some of the best coffees in the world, why blend it with one of the worst?

Before moving to the tasting I think it appropriate to address the issue of packaging as it forms a big part of what capsule companies sell. Like many of its competitors Gourmesso wraps their coffee capsules in a foil bag. While not the best method of presentation it is on par with many of the other non-Nespresso brands, and although I am not sure, I would think that Nespresso’s patent is still current for the metal capsule design. Hence Gourmesso’s and other competitors are plastic.

Be that as it may I endeavoured to discover what Gourmesso has brought to the table of capsule coffee. One aspect I really did like about Gourmesso is that the capsules don’t leak. One of the major problems with brands like Dualit is that when you put the capsules in and push water through there is an initial period where quite a lot of water leaks through before coffee starts to come out. Gourmesso’s capsules don’t do this. It is coffee from the start.

The aroma of the Lungo Latino Messo was not bad. It was quite strong on the fruit aromas with a good hit of liquorice and chocolate although a little acrid. The taste displayed an immediate flavour of hickory, a little concerning. The immediate taste of hickory or burnt wood is often a sign that the coffee has been either roasted too heavily or roasted too quickly. Remarkably, the taste was astonishingly similar to the aroma which is often a result of very heavy blending and it was difficult to decipher any individual flavours.

Overall, it was decent. This particular coffee compares well to the competitors but I feel that it could no doubt be better if the blend of regions was narrowed and careful profiling was carried out on a range of different South and Central American coffees.

Tasting note:

Aroma of fruit with hints of liquorice and chocolate. Taste very similar to aroma profile with much the same tastes, particularily the chocolate with the addition of hickory likely cause by the roasting. 5.4/10.0


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