Nespresso Bukeela ka Ethiopia


January 21, 2014 by Beans Ahoy

So! what does one make of Nespresso’s newest coffee? Does it fall flat on it’s face? Does it fade into insignificance amongst the ever increasing Nespresso line up? Does it deserve a place among the pitiful supermarket coffees?…Err, no.

Bukeela ka Ethiopia is really rather good! However, I have to say this right now:

Don’t drink this coffee with milk or sugar

The flavours of this coffee will be completely missed if you add milk or heaven forbid…sugar. The taste and aroma is light, quite fragrant and very subtle with one of the best after tastes of any Nespresso coffee. The dreaded Nespresso “intensity” scale is at it again but this time I would agree with their statement that the coffee is a 3/10 for intensity. It really is that light. I would also suggest serving it in a large cup, at least a double espresso serving. The coffee doesn’t lend itself to short shots.

Best drunk with a clean palate and on its own.

I must admit that I only recently got round to trying this coffee as a short shot. My initial impressions when tasted as a long shot were good and I was concerned that some of the delicate flavours would be missed in a short shot. They weren’t. It was as good and made a really nice espresso. Will teach me not to jump to conclusions.

Tasting Notes:
Light delicate aroma, wild flowers and subtle tones of wood. The taste is again light with hints of wood, flowers with the lightest of spicy hints. It’s a fresh taste that is clean on the pallet with a light creamy texture. A touch of a roasting issue I suspect as some of the flavours don’t seem to be extracted to their maximum potential. 7.4/10

Nespresso Bukeela ka Ethiopia

Nespresso Bukeela ka Ethiopia


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