Nespresso Cioccorosso

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November 14, 2013 by Beans Ahoy

So Nespresso has made another ‘Variation’ special edition. Nespresso is famous for these things. Coffee with a hint of something, usually it’s a hint of burnt rubber, a hint of chemical plant explosion or a hint of sour sock.

Enter Cioccorosso, or to put it another way Chocolate Red. It is a blend of dark chocolate with red fruits and shock of all shocks. IT’S NOT HORRENDOUS!

Nespresso must spit blood when I write about Variations (being presumptuous as to whether they even know I exist) because I really can’t stomach them. It’s not just a subjective thing either. The taste really is objectively terrible in my opinion. The flavours are never subtle or even slightly pleasant.

That’s why the new Cioccorosso was a bit of a shock. Would I start buying it? No. I have not quite fallen for it yet, but at the same time it is palatable. There is far more aroma and taste of red berries than there is of dark chocolate and the fruit flavour is for once subtle enough that you can also taste the coffee. Sure, it is not exquisite specialty coffee but it’s an interesting twist. Frankly, if you are going to buy a ‘Variation’, buy this one.

There remains the problem of coffee taste loss by the introduction of another flavour but you can still just make it out. The addition of dark chocolate is frankly drowned out. Don’t buy this coffee thinking you are going to get anything like Ciocattino because you won’t. This is all about the fruit, and it is a tack that I think Nespresso should run with. Try more fruits, rather than things like Vanilla or Caramel. Lemon and Blueberry spring to mind.

As for the fruit flavour and aroma – Nespresso describe it as “red fruit tones” – I reckon it is mostly raspberry with a hint of cranberry or that might be the acidity of the dark chocolate.

Will it move me away from Rosabaya or Livanto? No. But it’s a decent one.


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