Top 10 Coffee Songs

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November 8, 2013 by Beans Ahoy

10. Johnny Cash – A Cup of Coffee

Just getting into the list at number 10 is Johnny Cash’s ‘A cup of Coffee’. Why number 10 many of you ask? Well let’s be frank, although Cash was great, this was not one of his better moments.

9. Cream – Coffee Song

A solid 9th place for Cream because, well, they’re Cream.

8. Squeeze – Black Coffee in Bed

For the sheer delightful cheesiness of the 80’s.

7. The White Stripes- One More Cup of Coffee

The White Stripes sneaks in at 7th with a decent, albeit rather dark and slow song about coffee.

6. Bob Marley – One Cup of Coffee

Does Marley need an explanation.

5. Ella Mae Morse – 40 Cups of Coffee

A great song from a little known artist of the 50’s.

4. Bob Dylan – One More Cup of Coffee

On iTunes

A bit like Marley, doesn’t need an explanation, although certainly not one of his better songs.

3. Blur – Coffee And TV

Blur! It has to go on the list for anyone who lived through the 90’s. One of their best songs as well.

2. Otis Redding – Cigarettes & Coffee

We don’t condone smoking! But it is a truly great song that deserves to be high on the list at number 2.

1. Humble Pie – Black Coffee

A little known song, but a fantastic one. Everything about it is like a superb cup of coffee and it deserves first place on my list of Top 10 coffee songs.


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