Caffe Capital in Claygate


August 29, 2013 by Beans Ahoy

So Capital Coffee is a well known roaster of green coffee from around the world and I was therefore looking forward to trying Caffe Capital. I must admit that I spent some time thinking to myself what this place could be like rather than going to it with a completely open mind. I imagined that as Capital are roasters that it would be full to the rafters of different coffees from all over the world, in various roasts, and all for your tasting…

No. Not even close.

Initially I thought I had walked into the wrong shop. It was…a cafe. Nothing more. To be honest I couldn’t differentiate it from any other high street cafe. The furniture was worn, the colour scheme was ordinary, there was no choice as to what coffee I had, and the quality of the experience was not what I would have expected from someone such as Capital.

I like Capital however, so here are my tips for their coffee shop. Free of charge.

(1) They have a great colour scheme for their website, why not continue that in the store? Walnut colour wood floor, black furniture, Bronzy-gold highlights. It doesn’t need to be expensive, simple and rustic.

(2) CHOICE OF COFFEE! You have access to dozens of coffee yet in store you have one choice.

(3) Make bags of all the different types of Capital coffee available for sale in store! I would have thought this was a given.

(4) Get rid of the icecream fridge. It’s a nicknack and detracts from your focus. Don’t try and be all things to all men. You guys are all about the coffee, make sure that is what people remember you for.

That’s for starters. As for the coffee, that was really pretty decent. Good temperature, good flavour, certainly better than your average high street coffee.

If you would like some more tips on your store Capital feel free to drop me an email through the details on this blog. That store could be the talk of the town.

P.S. Please do read comments below to get an opposing view of Caffe Capital as well as the perspective I am coming from.


5 thoughts on “Caffe Capital in Claygate

  1. The Bear says:

    Visited Capital and was disappointed. Service was poor, dacor was cheap, and coffee was average. You can forgive the dacor but NOT the service and the coffee. Could be so much more.

  2. richard says:

    Im a local and I love this place. I like the coffee, in fact, its so good I have never even thought of asking if there were other choices available, theres just no need. There are defnitely different beans available to buy to take home. With Claygate being such a small village, why should this cafe limit itself to just selling lots of varieties of coffee?

    As for service, ive never been anywhere and seen so many members of staff working so fast, remembering all the different drinks of regular customers with ease and a team that are always friendly.

    For anyone reading this blogs post and thinking of giving this cafe a miss, dont. Its great!

    • Beans Ahoy says:

      Thanks for the comment Richard. Perhaps I have come to it with too critical an eye considering my understanding of what Capital do as roasters and commercial sellers of coffee, I was comparing the Cafe with their operation as Roasters, and their roasting operation far exceeds their cafe.

      As I said the coffee itself is good. Better than what you will get at a Starbucks, Costa, Nero, so by all means don’t skip Caffe Capital for one of those, but what I am addressing is the potential of Caffe Capital, which I would like to see brought up to the standards of their roasting operation – which is pretty superb.

      Addressing the issue of only one coffee and your comment that it is so good there doesn’t need to be a different type. Whilst the high street has seemed to expect that all coffee tastes the same; it doesn’t. There is a huge variety of flavours you can achieve from coffee of different areas. As I often say, coffee is as complex as wine. It is after all grown in much the same way and is therefore susceptible to rain, temperature, humidity, soil, sun levels, etc. It is not a question of finding a good coffee and only drinking that. People should demand different types of coffee, all of which might be brilliant. A Yemen coffee tastes totally different to a Panamanian shade grown which is totally different from a Kona.

      • richard says:

        Fair point about different coffees and tastes, but dont they also have shelf lifes? How many different types would be enough choice but also sustainable for a small place to keep and keep fresh?

        And many a time the ice cream (which is delicious) has been a life saver for my 2 year old son, keeping him occupied while I sip the coffee and watch the world go by

      • Beans Ahoy says:

        They do have shelf lives. Coffee is usually allowed to sit for 5-10 days before being drunk and should be used within about 3 weeks. The issue is that Capital is not a ‘small place’ they have substantial roasting facilities and plenty of commercial sales, so stocking a broad selection shouldn’t be too tough.

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