Coffee Review – Barossa

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July 23, 2013 by Beans Ahoy

Taking a break from the boiling hot temperatures in the UK at the moment I stopped in on Barossa at 277 New Kings Road, Fulham, London. It was a nice clean coffee shop with quite friendly staff, although some of them seemed bored with life and unfortunately showed little enthusiasm for their jobs. The owner, Indy Chatwal was friendly enough but seemed reluctant to have a chat about his coffee and seemed confused about the beans used. The shop was not very busy which was a surprise as I had heard good things about the coffee. Nevertheless, a focus on some of the independent coffee shops around London is what we will be focusing on for the next little while here at Beans Ahoy.

Before commenting on the coffee I want to remind readers that a Flat White is more than a milky coffee drink or a small latte as I have heard some people describe it. A Flat White is really quite complex and it is made by pouring a thick, velvety micro-foam steamed milk, this is poured over a single, or my preference, a double shot of Ristretto. Lets remember Ristretto is a VERY short shot of espresso with a powerful flavour. The idea is to mix the velvety milk with the coffee creating a different texture and taste to a more defined and rigid cappuccino. Making a good flat white is not easy and a skilled barista is needed to prepare the espresso base and to steam the milk so that micro-foam is created which is then folded with the espresso, creating a velvety drink.

Barossa failed to produce a Flat White and served a small latte which was disappointing. That having been said my detour was well worth it when I sampled the well made and well presented at a perfect temperature espresso. Barossa served one of the best espresso shots I have had in the UK. Not too thick with coffee, not to hot with an assault of citrus and outstanding texture surprising the mouth with sweet, citrus, and a hint of bitter sweet chocolate. The after taste lingered for quite a while, losing a little of the citrus taste. A pleasure to drink and highly recommended, if just for the espresso.

I do hope that it was not just a lucky visit and that they can produce consistent results because we need more coffee like this.

Tasting Note

As above. 8.0/10.0


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