Coffee Rust – A new danger

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June 6, 2013 by Beans Ahoy

Coffee Rust (Read about it here: is now thought to have cost Central America 500,000 jobs this year.

Coffee rust is nothing new. It has been spotted in almost every coffee growing country in the world and has a devastating effect on coffee crops. Job losses in Central America will not be the only effect however. Higher prices here at home will lead to less demand and job losses here too. It will also see plantations in central America loose out to other crops and will lead to the jobless migrating to America in search of work, or more worryingly, be forced to turn to more illegal crops in an area already blighted by crime.

The effect of coffee rust in some countries is so severe that Guatemala is expecting to see their coffee exports drop from $960m 2011/12 to $350m this year.


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