What’s in your coffee? – The terrifying truth.

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March 13, 2013 by Beans Ahoy

Many of us love coffee, and as is often pointed out on this website coffee is the second most traded commodity in the world with recent figures showing that 2.25 billion, yes billion, cups of coffee are consumed every day. However people rarely give a thought to what is in their coffee. Sure, those who like their brew black with no milk or sugar will be happy to hear that they would have to drink 227 liters of coffee to get their recommended daily intake of calories, but what about those who do like some of the coffee drinks made by Starbucks and the like?

Here is the terrifying truth of what you are drinking.

Costa Coffee
Primo Skinny Latte – 51 calories

Primo Flat White – 191 calories

Medio Skinny Vanilla Latte – 171 calories

Cappuccino Medio with full milk – 101 calories

Medio Hot Chocolate – 321 calories

Caramel Latte Medio With Semi-skimmed Milk – 163 calories

Grande semi skimmed cappuccino – 115 calories

Grande soy milk cappuccino – 92 calories

Grande caffe mocha whole milk – 364 calories

Flavoured syrups (Yuk!) – 20 calories per pump

Grande coffee frappuccino (no whipped cream) with semi skimmed – 231 calories

Grande whole milk caramel frappuccino with whipped cream – 400 calories

The King
The title of the mother of all calorific drinks has to go to [drum role please] the Starbucks Venti Signature Whole milk hot chocolate with whipped cream, and whilst it is not a coffee drink at a staggering 690 calories each cup effectively acts as a meal replacement. What’s interesting to note however is that the standard Venti Whole milk hot chocolate with whipped cream (in other words not the ‘signature’ line) has 437 calories. So just what is in the ‘signature’ that makes it so belly busting?

The sugar factor!
The scary statistic however is the amount of sugar in some of these drinks. Something like the Grande whole milk caramel Frappuccino with whipped cream has 61 grams of sugar in it. Even drinks like the Grande skimmed milk Chai Tea latte, whilst only having 204 calories have a whopping 42 grams of sugar in them. If you are wondering what these amounts of sugar look like, trying pouring it onto a set of kitchen scales, you will be horrified.

It is always said here at Beans Ahoy that the best way to drink coffee is black. If it is too strong for you, or it all tastes the same then you are drinking the wrong coffee. If you are interested in looking after your waist the best way would appear to go for a skimmed milk cappuccino, or at least a semi-skimmed.


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