Serving and pairing coffee this Christmas

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December 12, 2012 by Beans Ahoy

Some quick guidelines for serving and pairing of coffee with certain foods.

Rule 1 – Avoid bitter coffee after meals. Strong is ok, but bitterness in coffee, especially at the end of an evening is never good,

Rule 2 – Avoid robusta beans. Many people avoid coffee in the evening because they say it keeps them up. Try changing to only Arabica beans. They have half the caffeine of Robusta (which is present in many supermarket blends), and some types of Arabica have even less than half the caffeine of Robusta.

Rule 3 – Generally dark meats and game go with stronger, fuller coffees such as Java, Sumatra, or some Brazilian coffees. Lighter meals of white meat like fish go with lighter coffee such as the Central America’s.

Rule 4 – Always make sure your coffee goes well with your desert. Often particular fruits, nuts, or flavours are used in deserts that can conflict with the coffee you serve after. Make sure they don’t clash, and if you are able, get them to complement each other as quite a lot of the desert flavours will be left in your mouth by the time coffee comes around.

Rule 5 – Espresso, French Press, and drip are suitable to drink in the evening. Cappuccinos are traditionally a breakfast drink.

Rule 6 – As always, try and avoid milk and sugar in your coffee. It really will taste better once you have gotten used to it.

For some Christmas tips see but otherwise Kenyan, Hawaiian Kona, Brazilian, and even some Indian coffees go really well with turkey. Try some of the link down the right hand side of the main page to order some of these coffees.


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