Sea Island Coffee – Blue Mountain Peaberry

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December 2, 2012 by Beans Ahoy

Blue Mountain continues to captivate the coffee world. The Jamaican government has done a great deal to protect and build on the Blue Mountain name, and it is for this reason that I find it somewhat hyped. There is no doubt, the coffee is very good, but I have always felt that given the hype it should be even better.

The RSW estate where this Blue Mountain originates from is a spectacular place. Huge peaks and valleys covered in a carpet of bright green forest, add some mist in and it looks like something out of a Lord of the Rings movie. The combination of temperature, altitude, humidity, soil, and sun has proved almost perfect for high quality coffee production. These are some exceptionally high mountains with some reaching to a European Alp like level of 2,300m.

Blue Mountain is obviously a 100% Arabica coffee, and most of it being sold is a single estate coffee. What is great about Blue Mountain from a drinkers perspective is the regulation surrounding the sale of it. It means that Blue Mountain always comes exceptionally well packed, with some of the best processing of any coffee. This Peaberry was no different. Size and quality of the beans was spot-on, with a very even roast, and a fantastic aroma even un-ground.

I have now tried the Sea Island Coffee Blue Mountain Peaberry and I must admit, even as a Blue Mountain skeptic, this is an exceptional coffee. There is a lot of sweetness in Blue Mountain, with a definite honey taste. Reminds me very much of the syrup used in baklava.

The range of flavours changes quite quickly though. Honey and floral notes change to a rich mouth feel with stronger hints of smoked meats and tobacco coming through in the after taste. Its easy to see why Blue Mountain has gained the reputation it has. Much of it has to do with the complexity of the flavour, the development of the flavour, and the delicacy. Well worth it.

Tasting Note


Honey, lots of it. Floral and sweet, with a hint of apricot fruitiness. The sweet tartness of the coffee slowly mellows and develops over the tongue. Best drunk the colder side of warm to experience the Blue Mountain taste. Aroma is very much wild flowers, but always with a hint of that after taste smoked flavour. After taste is a little short, but evolves nicely into smoked meat with a tinge of tobacco. 8.5/10.0


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