Coffee Mugs – The weird, brilliant, and odd.

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November 27, 2012 by Beans Ahoy

1 – The Dunker

I mean really! I am always at a loss as to where to put my biscuits when I’m drinking coffee. I must spend at least half a second thinking about it! Well for those of you faced with a similar problem, consider the dunk mug. Apparently they come in left hand versions as well so that all your biscuits don’t fall out. Although to buy this mug I reckon your biscuits must have deserted you long ago.





2 – The Fighter

For when colleagues at work irritate you that little bit too much. Enough said.








3 – The Photographer

Are you a photographer? Don’t happen to have a spare £2000 laying around to turn a Canon L lens into a coffee mug? Your prayers have been answered. Look stylish with this delightfully tacky mug sitting proud on your desk.






4 – Darth Vader

For when the force is with you. Lets face it. Luke Skywalker was a wuss. Darth Vader was infinitely cooler, and we always secretly wanted him to win. Why not celebrate the real bad ass of Star Wars with this very cool cup?







5 – For when big just isn’t big enough

Clucking for a caffeine fix? This should help you along your way. Although I must seriously question the content of caffeine and whether this is actually healthy, but really, if you do get one of these, I would not suggest filling it with coffee and drinking all of it, and definitely not if you have a heart condition, brain condition, your work requires steady hands, or you plan to sleep in the next fort night. The picture clearly displays the damage such a cup may do to your face.



And no, I don’t claim to hold any rights to these pictures. They of course are owned by the respective retailers. Free advertising, so don’t complain.


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