Nespresso Livanto


November 15, 2012 by Beans Ahoy

A mainstay of the Nespresso lineup, characterised by it’s gentle but caramalised taste. Livanto has been around for some time now, and it looks like its here to stay. It is typical of the Central and South American regions (but see tasting note below).

Nespresso really is beginning to get their blends right. Out of all the Nespresso coffees, Livanto is probably my second favorite Grand Cru after Rosabaya. Great as a cappuccino, but better as an espresso. It combines the hearty density of the South American coffees with the lighter, more refreshing flavours of the Central American.

Best of all though, is the capsule colour! Bronze, like a forged piece of fine sculpture it definitely looks good (of course I don’t drink coffee on the basis of the packaging!…).

Nespresso moves from strength to strength with their products. Since the patent on their product expired they have come under threat from competitors but don’t seem to be weaker because of it. Nespresso remain the original, and really they remain the best in the capsulated coffee market. Livanto is no exception. Nespresso rate it as a 6 out of 10 in intensity, and that sounds about right.

There is a slight niggle with Livanto though, and that is the lack of a significant after taste. Some coffees are just like this, but I just feel perhaps that the roast on the Livanto could be tweaked slightly to extract more than just the plentiful sugars. I feel that there is probably a deeper, more complex flavour lurking somewhere in the bean and would love to see it brought out. Otherwise a decent choice as an every day versatile coffee.

Tasting Note:

Sweet and nutty to start but with a good dose of blackberry preserve petering out to a definite light wood and nutty after taste. Lacking some of the citrus fruits present in other Central American coffees, but not lacking because of it. It’s a good every day coffee. Robust but not intrusive. Light, but not without body. 7.2/10.0


One thought on “Nespresso Livanto

  1. Good review. I agree with your tasting analysis. Livanto is probably my favourite “every day” Nespresso coffee, my go to when I am not in the mood for something different.

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